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Understanding Your Wood Stove

All About Your Wood Stove Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney Inc.Wood stoves are becoming a more popular choice as a energy efficient way to heat homes. According to SF Gate, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that over 12 million American households use wood-burning stoves as a heating source. All Seasons Chimney has spent over 25 years maintaining and installing wood stoves in the lower Hudson Valley area, and we know how much warmth and coziness these appliances can provide. We are often asked about the pros and cons of wood stoves, and we would like to tell you more about how these stoves function.

How efficient are wood stoves?

If you have not used a wood stove in the last 30 years, you may be wondering why these stoves are so popular. The wood stoves of the past produced a whole lot of smoke, but not a lot of heat. After 1990, wood stoves were manufactured with new technology that greatly the energy efficiency of these heating appliance. The EPA began certifying models of wood stoves that provided more heat with less wood and produced fewer polluting emissions.

How exactly do wood stoves work?

EPA-certified wood stoves operate in one of two different ways: a secondary combustion process or a catalytic combustor. In a stove that uses secondary combustion, air is introduced into the hottest part of the firebox through a second intake. More heat is produced because combustion gases burn off inside the firebox rather than escaping out of the chimney. If a wood stove has a catalytic combustor, smoke passes through it when it exits the firebox, and this makes the gases burn at a lower temperature, which transforms those gases into additional heat instead of extra pollution.

How do wood stoves provide heat to the home?

Wood stoves use radiant heat through the walls and the top of the stove to warm the room, and this heat can be carried throughout your home via the natural airflow. Some models of stoves are equipped with fans that help to circulate the heated air. All Seasons Chimney can help you find the right size and model of wood stove for the amount of heat you need for your home.

Understanding how your wood stove work can help you maintain and operate it properly so that it functions safely and efficiently. All Seasons Chimney is here for all of your wood stove maintenance and installation needs. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your wood stove.

Why Top-Sealing Dampers Are Recommended by Chimney Professionals

Why Top-Sealing Dampers Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney Inc.If you have been noticing an increase in your heating and cooling bills, your old damper may be the reason. Traditional throat dampers are made of metal, which can become damaged over the years by rust corrosion. A rusty damper can be almost impossible to close, and this means heated and cooled air can easily escape out of your home through the chimney. You will also have problems with outside air entering your home, which makes maintaining a comfortable temperature a big challenge. Fortunately, there is another type of damper that can solve these problems — the top-sealing damper. On sites like, chimney professionals strongly recommend updating old throat dampers with top-sealing dampers. All Seasons Chimney agrees, and we would like to tell you why these dampers are so highly recommended.

Provide an airtight seal

Top-sealing dampers are equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that seals off your chimney at the top, which means outside air will not be able to get into your chimney when the damper is closed. Additionally, there will be no draft inside the chimney to pull out heated and cooled air from your home. Even when there is no rusting damage, throat dampers cannot seal as tightly as top-sealing dampers can.

Increase energy efficiency

Since top-sealing dampers keep heated and cooled air inside your home while keeping outside air out, you will see a huge improvement in the energy efficiency of your home. You will be able to be more comfortable without overrunning your heating and cooling system. This means you will be spending less money every month on your utility bills. A top-sealing damper is a great way to save both money and energy.

Serves as a chimney cap

When a top-sealing damper is closed, it functions just like a chimney cap at keeping out water, birds, and wild animals. You can also find top-sealing dampers at All Seasons Chimney that are equipped with mesh metal sides that allow the damper to act as a chimney cap even when the damper is open. We even suggest installing a top-sealing damper when we need to replace a damaged chimney cap.

Easy to operate

With some throat dampers, you practically have to stick your head up the chimney through the firebox to be able to open and close it. Older throat dampers also have a tendency to get stuck in a position and be difficult to adjust. Even though a top-sealing damper is located at the top of the chimney, a metal cable from the damper is dropped down the chimney to be attached to the firebox on a handle that easily opens and closes the damper.

Save money and energy with a new top-sealing damper. Contact us at All Seasons Chimney to learn more about our damper sales and installation services.