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The Value of a Good Damper

If you have been looking for ways to save money, then you have probably been trying to make your home more efficient. Reducing the number of areas air can leak through doors and windows can be helpful in making sure your utility bills are not increasing. When your heated or cooled air escapes out of your home, you will have to adjust the thermostat to stay comfortable, and this can make your utility bills be more expensive than necessary. All Seasons Chimney knows another tip about energy efficiency that we would like to share with you. Your fireplace damper also plays a big part in how energy efficient your home will be. We would like to tell you what exactly your damper does and why a good damper can be such a great value for homeowners.

What exactly does the damper do?The Value of a Good Damper Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney Inc.

The primary purpose of your fireplace damper, according to Do It Yourself, is to allow smoke, gases, and the other byproducts of combustion to be exhausted out through your chimney. You should always make sure your damper is completely open before you light a fire to avoid the hazardous possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. When you are not using your fireplace, you should keep the damper closed to keep animals and birds from being able to get inside your home through the fireplace as well as to make your home energy efficient by preventing cooled and heated indoor air from escaping. This is why it is important to be sure your damper closes tightly.

What are the different types of dampers?

If you need to replace an old damper, you can choose between two different types: the throat damper and the top-sealing damper. You most likely have the traditional throat style if you have an older chimney. A throat damper is made of metal and is located above the firebox. It can be opened and closed through the fireplace. The top-sealing damper gets its name because it sits at the very top of your chimney. It can also be used as a chimney cap. Connected by a chain to a lever or a handle by the fireplace, a top-sealing damper is very simple to open and close.

Which type of damper does All Seasons Chimney recommend as the best value?

Although a traditional throat damper is a less expensive choice, you will actually save more money in the long run with a top-sealing damper. The reason has to do with the fact that the top-sealing damper provides a much better seal because it is equipped with a rubber silicone gasket that guarantees that the heated or cooled air in your home will not be able to escape out of the chimney. You will notice a decrease in your utility bills after you have a top-sealing damper installed on your chimney. We also recommend this type when our customers need to replace their chimney caps. A top-sealing damper also protects your chimney from water penetration and animal invasions.

A chimney damper is a valuable component because it can improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you need a new damper, contact us at All Seasons Chimney to find out which type is the best for your chimney.

Why Top-Sealing Dampers Are Recommended by Chimney Professionals

Why Top-Sealing Dampers Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney Inc.If you have been noticing an increase in your heating and cooling bills, your old damper may be the reason. Traditional throat dampers are made of metal, which can become damaged over the years by rust corrosion. A rusty damper can be almost impossible to close, and this means heated and cooled air can easily escape out of your home through the chimney. You will also have problems with outside air entering your home, which makes maintaining a comfortable temperature a big challenge. Fortunately, there is another type of damper that can solve these problems — the top-sealing damper. On sites like, chimney professionals strongly recommend updating old throat dampers with top-sealing dampers. All Seasons Chimney agrees, and we would like to tell you why these dampers are so highly recommended.

Provide an airtight seal

Top-sealing dampers are equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that seals off your chimney at the top, which means outside air will not be able to get into your chimney when the damper is closed. Additionally, there will be no draft inside the chimney to pull out heated and cooled air from your home. Even when there is no rusting damage, throat dampers cannot seal as tightly as top-sealing dampers can.

Increase energy efficiency

Since top-sealing dampers keep heated and cooled air inside your home while keeping outside air out, you will see a huge improvement in the energy efficiency of your home. You will be able to be more comfortable without overrunning your heating and cooling system. This means you will be spending less money every month on your utility bills. A top-sealing damper is a great way to save both money and energy.

Serves as a chimney cap

When a top-sealing damper is closed, it functions just like a chimney cap at keeping out water, birds, and wild animals. You can also find top-sealing dampers at All Seasons Chimney that are equipped with mesh metal sides that allow the damper to act as a chimney cap even when the damper is open. We even suggest installing a top-sealing damper when we need to replace a damaged chimney cap.

Easy to operate

With some throat dampers, you practically have to stick your head up the chimney through the firebox to be able to open and close it. Older throat dampers also have a tendency to get stuck in a position and be difficult to adjust. Even though a top-sealing damper is located at the top of the chimney, a metal cable from the damper is dropped down the chimney to be attached to the firebox on a handle that easily opens and closes the damper.

Save money and energy with a new top-sealing damper. Contact us at All Seasons Chimney to learn more about our damper sales and installation services.